Multi Curriculum Project…. BUTTER!

My post didn’t post! sigh. Well that’s okay, we’ll start over.

I am all about the natural stuff around here. When Pom was diagnosed with Celiac’s a few years ago, our lives changed. I began learning how to cook more naturally. Then Diva’s allergies and asthma started kicking in FULL force. I had always been a ‘crunchy, granola’ mom type but the ideas of simplifying and becoming more self sufficient came to the forefront again.

Enter my new favorite ‘assignment’. We made butter!!

We happen to have a lot of cows around here so we will be getting fresh cream next time but this time we bought it from the store. It was a multiple curriculum kind of project, my favorite. We learned about science, history and of course, valuable life skills! They had so much fun, and it is so much better. The children have declared that we will never buy butter again. I agree.

So here’s how we do it.

FIRST, divide two pints of heavy cream into three pint jars (or however many littles you have to shake the jars).

Three jars for three littles

Screw the lids on TIGHTLY.   Hand one jar to each child. Have them shake, roll and all around keep the cream moving. Our jars were shaken and used as balls to roll back and forth. It worked! It can take a long time though, ours took around 45 minutes. If you have older ones that are actually shaking the jars it won’t take as long.

The butter game...


The butter is ‘done’ when there is a solid ball in the jar, with buttermilk left over. Pour off the buttermilk and put the butter in a container. It will be soft. Kind of squeeze it around, getting as much milk off as possible. Rinse the butter and put back in container. It will harden in the fridge.  Stir in some salt if you want it salted. This is best done BEFORE putting it in the fridge.

Whipped Cream stage, keep shaking for butter......


BUTTER!!!! after it's been in the fridge for a day or two.


YUM!!  Use the buttermilk for biscuits 🙂


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